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Sandals man leather

Online sale of men's leather sandals, at you will find a wide catalog of leather sandals, with the padded insole, or with the gel insole to make them even more comfortable, if you have any questions or queries you can call us at 608654481 We will be happy to answer your questions or place your order by phone.

Sandals man leather


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  • Brand: Duendy
Men's gel leather sandals
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Men's gel leather sandals

Men's gel leather sandals, the most comfortable men's sandals with gel and leather insole, 3 velcro closure system...

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Duendy men's sandals Duendy men's sandals
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Duendy men's sandals

Duendy men's sandals, with a leather insole and total comfort gel, leather outer cut, very soft...

€28.02 Regular price €42.02 Price
Sandals man skin and gel Sandals man skin and gel 1
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Sandals man skin and gel

Men's leather and gel sandals, with 3 velcro for a better fit according to foot width, outer skin cut, inner skin...

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Sandals men cheap slaves

Sandals for men cheap scales of skin, with plant in skin and gel, a sandal made entirely in leather, this sandal...

€27.36 Regular price €41.03 Price
Leather sandals with Velcro 1 Leather sandals with Velcro 1
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Leather sandals with Velcro

Sandals man leather with velcro Colors: Black and Brown Sizes 39 to 47 Ref: 785

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Men's sandals plus sizes 1 Men's sandals plus sizes 1
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Men's sandals plus sizes

Men's sandals plus sizes, Color: Black and Brown. Sizes: 39/47. Ref: M676

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Knight leather sandals 1 Knight leather sandals 1
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Knight leather sandals

Knight leather sandals Duendy Color: Black. Sizes 39/47

€30.41 Regular price €45.62 From Price