Tips for a Perfect Tan

Tips for a Perfect Tan

We love summer and sunbathe to look dark!

Getting a perfect tan does not mean lying down for hours in the sun, so if you're going on vacation or plan to expose yourself to the sun this summer, it's important to take into account a series of tips to take care of your skin and avoid the possible damages that can be irreversible (medium or short) for our health, such as premature wrinkles, blemishes or skin cancer ... without forgetting the burns, hot flashes and sunstrokes that can make our holidays bitter.

Our skin needs to be taken care of and pampered so that it looks perfect, not only these hot months, but also during the rest of the year. So it is essential to acquire some habits to enhance and help our body achieve a uniform tan and protected skin:

  • Eat seasonal foods, if possible, organically grown.
  • Refresh yourself and hydrate yourself with vegetables, fruits, legumes, algae ...
  • Sleep as much as the body asks of you.
  • Exercise outdoors


1. Avoid direct exposure to the sun between 12.00 and 16.00 hours because at that time the ultraviolet rays are more harmful.

2. The application of sunscreen should be done half an hour before sun exposure and repeated every two hours and after each bath. Do not trust the cloudy days because the ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds in the same way.

3. Uses approved sunglasses. The damage of solar radiation inside the eyes can be very harmful.

4. moisturize well, drink lots of water and drink foods rich in water, such as fresh fruit.

5. Cover your head with hats, hats, scarves ... keep in mind that the scalp also burns and these are the safest protection.

6. Use lip and facial protection appropriate to the type of your skin to protect it from irritation and / or burns.

7. Do not spend a lot of time with the wet suit and shower as soon as possible to remove the remains of salt, sand or chlorine that can be irritating.

8. Keep your skin clean and hydrated the rest of the day. Use an after-sun to moisturize, prolong the tan and protect the skin from sun exposure.


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