30 Interesting facts and that you probably didn't know about the human body

30 Interesting facts and that you probably didn't know about the human body

The human body is really wonderful. It is one of nature's most complex and interesting structures. Within it there are thousands of parts that complement and work in unison.

Our knowledge about its operation never ceases to renew and surprise us. But really, do you think you know how it works?

Here are some of the most curious facts about him.

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1- The largest organ we have is the skin

2- There are more than 160,000 kilometers of blood vessels in an adult human body.

3- A human baby has 99 bones more than an adult since the skeleton of a baby is mainly composed of cartilage.

4- The human brain represents only 2% of a person's body weight, but uses 20% of the body's total blood and oxygen.

5- If the human eye were a digital camera, it would have 576 megapixels.

6 - Many people place their hand on the left side of their chest thinking that this is the real location of their heart, while this is in the center of your chest, tilted to the left, which makes it heard louder heartbeat on the left side.

7- While sleeping, a person burns more calories than while watching television.

8- Right-handed people live on average 9 years longer than left-handed people.

9- The teeth are the only integral part of the human body that cannot renew itself.

10- The tongue is composed of 16 individual muscles.

11- When sneezing, all body functions stop, including the heart.

12- The largest cells that the human body has are the ovules, while the smallest are sperm cells.

13- It is impossible to swallow and breathe at the same time.

14- The heart of women beats faster than that of men.

15- The sensation of thirst appears when an amount of water equal to 1% of the body's weight is lost. A loss of more than 5% can cause fainting, and more than 10% to death.

16- Did you know that our “second brain” is not in the head, but in the belly? Scientists call the enteric nervous system (SNE) "the second brain," which of course is not found in the head, but in the belly.

17- The strongest muscle in the human body is the masseter, the jaw muscle.

18- A person produces approximately 24,000 liters of saliva throughout his life, enough to fill two swimming pools.

20- Like fingerprints, each person has a unique language impression.

21- Human beings shed around 600,000 skin particles every hour.

22- In the course of a day, the blood travels the distance of 19,312 kilometers.

23- The nose can capture more than one billion odors.

24- Despite the eye color of the blood, we see the superficial veins of bluish color due to an optical effect produced by the skin.

25- Taste buds are replaced every 10 days.

26- 80% of the body's heat goes out through the head.

27- The fingernails on the hands grow about 4 times faster than those on the feet.

28- A person forgets 90% of what he has dreamed.

29- There is more air left to the right lung than the left.

30- Women blink twice as much as men.

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