10 benefits of rosemary for health

10 benefits of rosemary for health

Rosemary, known under the scientific name of rosmarinus officinalis, is a perennial, woody and needle-shaped plant, always green and aromatic.

Rosemary is a plant rich in active ingredients and has numerous medicinal properties, it is antiseptic, antispasmodic, flavoring, depurative, stomach stimulant, diuretic or hypotensive, among others, so it favors the recovery of respiratory and digestive diseases, and can be used also in the kitchen to prepare succulent dishes.

Nowadays it is possible to find rosemary in any herbalist either in the form of ointment, infusion, balm, oil ...



1. It is very useful for relieving inflammation. Its external use is indicated for muscle, joint or neuralgia pain. Accelerates the recovery of dislocations, sprains, bumps and sprains.

2. Reduces intestinal discomfort as it facilitates the digestion of food and helps eliminate gas accumulation.

3. Improves disorders of the circulatory system (phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose veins, etc.)

4. Take care of the liver and gallbladder and is indicated for cystitis

5. It helps prevent hair loss and stimulates its growth (using it as a tonic)

6. Fights seborrheic dermatitis and helps fight typical skin peeling

7. Stimulates memory and learning, elevates the speed and efficiency with which your mind processes information.

8. Fights physical and mental exhaustion, it is also used to reduce anemia.

9. Relieves stress and anxiety. It has been shown that inhaling rosemary oil helps reduce anxiety.

10. It helps the functioning of the liver to eliminate toxins and waste, thus speeds up the metabolism, and cleanses it through intestinal transit, empties the digestive tract and burns fat lowers cholesterol and triglyceride from the blood, which allows to lose body weight.

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