14 toxic emotions that affect our lives and prevent us from becoming happy

14 toxic emotions that affect our lives and prevent us from becoming happy

In our daily life we always feel diverse emotions. These vary according to our mood, however, we should not get carried away by them if we want to lead a full and healthy life.

Here I will name some toxic emotions, so you can identify them, since managing emotions is linked to reaching (or not) our happiness.


1. Anxiety

This emotion can lead to discouragement, sadness and even depression. They can also take you to the other extreme: to live completely accelerated.

2. Anguish

In this emotion we feel discomfort, discomfort, depression. It makes us stay in a state of permanent regrets and pro everything; We feel very sad and the more time we spend in this emotion, the more it will continue to grow.

3. Dissatisfaction

When this emotion is serious, we feel lack of approval. You feel that, even if you put all your effort, you will never be able to reach your goals and you will never achieve anything good in your life.

4. Attachment

With this emotion we feel that we are not important and that the other people around us are. It implies the need to please other people and, with it, the person who suffers from it forgets about themselves, their personal and emotional well-being.

5. Anger

Getting angry is normal and sometimes helps to achieve positive things, but when we do not control anger becomes violence: it hurts us and those around us, since it affects our lives and our relationships with others.


6. Envy

With this emotion he suffers both the envious and the people around him. The person who feels envious has a great difficulty celebrating the successes of others, since he makes an immediate comparison in which he always loses.

7. Fear

We all feel fear and it is normal. Sometimes it is positive to feel it, because it allows us to protect ourselves from danger; but when this feeling is directed to something without foundation, or that is not real, then it becomes something that affects us because it paralyzes us. It is necessary to try to eliminate it, because if it does not exceed, it can last a lifetime. Fear works like a circle, circling in the same and that's how it feeds.

8. Shame

When we feel that people make fun of us, we begin to feel toxic shame: we feel that we are deficient, that something bad is in us, that we are bad and that we will be abandoned by others. Shame corrodes our will, causes us harm and limits us in our daily lives.

9. Depression

The depressive person feels that he will never be able to get ahead in anything and, most seriously, this feeling is out of his control. Depression, more than an emotion, is a disease. Living in depression implies a set of symptoms and must be treated by specialists.


10. Frustration

This emotion implies a feeling of failure and disappointment that appears when we are not satisfied with what we have or have achieved in our lives. It is as if everything is going down and as if what we have achieved for so long, had no results and could not bring us happiness.

11. Duel

Grief is a normal process that develops after a loss and we need to live it and overcome it. But what happens when we can't get over it? It becomes a permanent emotion, which does not allow us to live fully and be happy; We are constantly fighting that feeling.

12. Guilt

When the emotion of guilt is negative (that is, when it does not lead us to humility and the desire to be better), it torments the person who lives it. Sometimes it is used by other people to manipulate us. Chronic guilt has a sickly effect that can block our ability to enjoy life.

13. Rejection

A person who feels rejected cannot enjoy a way out, a gift, a compliment, a success; This is because their eyes will be on others, that is, they will focus on seeking the acceptance of others and not on what gives them pleasure and joy.

14. Jealousy

Jealousy is presented for fear of losing something, to someone. Jealousy is not old: there are jealous adults and children too. You can feel jealous for a couple, for work, due to someone's possessions and a long etcetera. Feeling jealous is bad because it affects both the jealous, and the person who fears losing, turning the relationship into a bond that only hurts. Unstoppable jealousy can have serious consequences, because they make people do things without thinking about the consequences.

These are some of the emotions that affect our lives when we let them control us and guide our actions, thoughts and feelings. It is interesting to know each other more and more. If you want to know more, I recommend Bernardo Stamateas's book "Toxic emotions".

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