8 Home remedies to treat bunions

8 Home remedies to treat bunions

The bunions are deformations in our feet that come out because of the use of shoes with an incorrect size keeping your feet tight, for an injury or hereditary bone structure that push the big toe towards the other toes.

These can deform the bone of our big toe, and over time, it can completely deform our foot and cause many serious problems, in addition to the relevant pain that it entails.



1. Swollen and sensitive tissues surrounding the deformity.

2. Pain when walking or standing.

3. Offset of the big toe that can turn inwards.

4. Redness and swelling.

5. Stiffness in the affected toe or restricted movement.

6. Calluses and calluses because the toe begins to rub against other toes.


1. Wear low heeled shoes that have the right width for your feet.

If you do not know the right size for your feet, consult a dependent of your shoe store to advise and measure your feet, so you will know which size best suits your needs.

2. Apply ice

Putting your feet in frozen water will relieve the pain produced by the bunions as the nerve endings that we have in this limb get sleepy, soothing the pressure we feel.

3. Massage with essential oils

Performing a massage throughout the area after a long day at work, feels phenomenal, even more so if essential oils are used that relax the area and cause the swelling to decrease, while preventing the formation of hardness around it.


4. Use separators / correctors:

Use toe separators to gently stretch and realign the tissues and ligaments of the toes, restore circulation and promote healing. The use of concealers can be a great tool to try to put your fingers in place and try to keep bunions from going any further.

5. Iodine and aspirin

This mixture stops the abnormal growth in the big toe and deflates the joint, reduces irritation and prevents the formation of calluses. Therefore crush 2-3 aspirins and mix them with iodine, apply over the area and cover it with a bandage for 2 hours. Repeat the process every day to get results.

6. Epsom salts

One of the most popular and effective remedies is to have a salt bath with salt to reduce the annoying pain and inflammation. Fill a bowl with warm / warm water, pour a couple of tablespoons of Epson salts and introduce the feet for about 20 minutes.


7. Dry heat.

Applying heat to bunions is also a good solution to reduce the discomfort they cause. To do this, put a thermal blanket on them for 15 or 20 minutes.

8. Do finger exercises

It has been shown that exercising and / or stretching with your fingers is a very effective remedy. In this way you exercise them and help the joints have greater mobility. E.g. Try to take a towel with your toes.

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