Boy and girl leather school shoes 2019

Boy and girl leather school shoes 2019

The return to school is getting closer and, therefore, we want your little ones to wear the best shoe to take care of their feet during long school days and, thus, can enjoy them in the most comfortable way possible.

Shoes made of leather, with breathable inner lining, made with the best materials on the market to make them as comfortable, flexible and resistant, since they are the shoes that our children will wear most during the year.

We show you some models of our collection.

School shoes boy blucher With velcro, this shoe is a classic, it has a rubber sole which makes it a very comfortable shoe. It is a versatile child's shoe, ideal to combine with any uniform and color, as it is manufactured in three colors: navy blue, black and brown. Manufactured by Angelitos. Sizes: 24/41.


Velcro shoes, leather schoolboy for girl with toe reinforced with lining and leather plant. Color: Marine Sizes: 20/28. Xiquets brand.


Sporty schoolboy for girl and boy, youth and children with velcro. Color: White and Pink, Sizes: 22/38. J'Hayber brand.


Girl school shoe, with lining and leather plant. Color: Marine Sizes: 24/41. D'Tivo brand.


Velcro shoes Schoolboy boy of skin. Reinforced toe with lining and leather plant. Color: Black Sizes: 22/41. Angelitos brand.


Youth Collegiate Sports girl and boy with velcro, with leather insole, reinforced toe. Color: Marine and White. Sizes: 21/40. Angelitos brand.


At our Online store, we have more school shoes, as moccasins with velcro, classic moccasins with masks, children's nautical leather and a long etc. to combine school dress.

And if you can't find something, we help you, you can contact us at 608654481

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