5 Tips to make it easier to go back to school

5 Tips to make it easier to go back to school

The month of September is the beginning of new stages and projects for the elderly and of returning to school for the little ones and it is normal that during the first days the children are tired, with apathy, sadness, irritability, anxiety and lack of attention .

That is why, after the summer vacations of our children we have to prepare ourselves to return to the school routine since returning to that routine is a very big effort.


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It is important:

1. Anticipate and adapt the rhythms to the new schedule.

Since the most difficult, at least the first few days, is the bedtime / wake up ritual and readjust the schedules. Do it progressively to facilitate adaptation, such as going to sleep every day 15 minutes before, and so, you will get used to the new schedule sooner.

2. Prepare everything that is needed.

With the new course we have to take into account that our children need new material, such as school supplies, backpacks, clothes and / or uniforms, footwear ... Do not leave it last minute and take advantage of these days to make a list of everything that is going to need for the course and thus avoid haste and unnecessary stress. Check your closet and see what you need, surely some things you can take advantage of.

3. Help them to rejoin.

For many children, going back to school can be a trauma since that means separating from their parents and spending less time with them. Seeing children crying at the door of the school is very common at the beginning of a new course, so it is important that you accompany them at least the first few days and explain that they will be fine, they will have fun with their classmates and that they will Learn many new things.

4. Spend time and be patient.

The changes generate anxiety, doubts, nerves ... Be patient with them, at first they may be a little withdrawn in their social relationships, they may even be more shy than usual. Do not worry, as soon as your safety increases, all that will normalize.

5. Be interested in your day at school.

Ask them how the day has gone, for what they have done in class, at recess ... with this, we can improve the complicity with our children and they will feel more relieved and with less burden to face the return to school.

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