13 incredible health benefits of Aloe Vera

13 incredible health benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera also know as sábila.

It is a very versatile plant with many benefits. It has very useful components in a large number of treatments if applied to the skin. It offers us anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, regenerating and relaxing effects, among others, which make Aloe vera an exceptional plant, and it does not have the side effects of certain medications.

It is characterized by being formed by a variable group of leaves that start from a trunk that acts as a central root and from which it leaves sporadically, 2 or 3 times a year, a long stem crowned with yellow flowers.

Its fruit is a triangular capsule that contains numerous seeds. And at least 160 important components (vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential amino acids and polysaccharides, etc.) important in their leaves have been found.



1 - It helps to heal wounds.

Most of the Aloe leaf is filled with gel, 96% water and 4% containing known substances. When applied to wounds, Aloe gel acts as a mild anesthetic, relieves itching, swelling and pain. It is also applied as an antibacterial substance and antifungal. It also increases blood flow to the area of the wound and stimulates the fibroplasts, which are the cells responsible for healing them.

2 - It helps post-surgical recovery.

Aloe reduces post-surgical recovery time, according to the Journal of Dermatology Surgery and Oncology. Dermatologist James Fulton, of Newport Beach, California, author of the main report, uses Aloe in topologies in his practice to accelerate wound healing. "Any wound we treat, either suturing a cut or removing skin cancer, heals better when it contains Aloe Vera."

3 - Relieves burns.

A study that also appears in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, 27 patients with moderate burns were treated with gauze soaked in Aloe Vera gel. Another group of burns were treated with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) during the same time. The burns healed more quickly to those who had Aloe Vera applied (they healed in 12 days, against the 18 days it took to relieve those who had treated with Vaseline.

4 - Minimizes freeze damage. 

A study published in the above-mentioned journals established that Aloe also works for freezing. The researchers administered standard treatments for freezing (antibiotics, ibuprofen and promotions) to 154 patients who were also given Aloe Vera cream. These healed without having to be amputated. The researchers concluded that Aloe prevents decreased blood flow to frozen tissues, a common cause of tissue loss by freezing.

5 - Avoid radiation damage.

Aloe provides protection against skin damage caused by X-rays according to a publication in the Yakugaku Zasshi newspaper in Japan. They discovered that Aloe is an efficient antioxidant that eliminates free radicals caused by radiation and also protects two of the body's healing substances: superoxide (an antioxidant enzyme) and glutathione (an amino acid that stimulates the immune system)


6 - Healthy psoriasis lesions. 

In a double-blind study controlled by placebos, published in Tropical Medicine and International Health, 60 patients with chronic psoriasis received an extract of 0.5% Aloe Vera included in a mineral oil cream. They applied this cream 3 times a day for five consecutive days (15 applications per week) for four weeks. When patients were reviewed, after 8 months the cure in psoriasis skin lesions was much greater in the group of patients treated with Aloe (82%) than in the placebos group (12%). In addition, 83% of patients cured with Aloe were considered cured of their psoriasis.

7 - Relieves intestinal problems.

Aloe Vera juice may be effective in treating inflammatory bowel diseases, according to a study in the Journal of Alternative Medicine. Two ounces of Aloe were given to ten patients three times a day for 1 week. After that time, all patients were cured of diarrhea and four of them had improved their digestion, and all had more energy. The researchers concluded that Aloe could rebalance the intestines by regulating gastrointestinal PH and mobilizing bowel movements. Other studies have shown that Aloe Vera juice helps detoxify the intestines, neutralize heartburn and relieve constipation and gastric ulcers.

8 - Reduces blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Aloe reduces blood sugar levels of diabetics, according to Hormone Research. Five patients with adult diabetes (i.e. not dependent on insulin) were given half a teaspoon of Aloe extract daily for 14 weeks. Blood sugar levels were reduced in all patients by an average of 45% without changes in their total weight.

9 - Reduces swelling caused by arthritis.

Aloe can help prevent arthritis and reduce inflammation of the joints that are affected by that disease. According to the Journal of Amerícan Pediatric Medical. Aloe can also inhibit the autoimmune reaction associated with certain forms of arthritis, in which the body attacks its own tissues. Several Aloe compounds showed antiarthritic activity. An organic acid contained in Aloe reduces inflammation by 79.7% and suppresses the autoimmune response by 42.4%.

10 - Reduce HIV infection.

A manose extract, one of the sugars contained in Aloe, can inhibit HIV-1 (virus associated with AIDS). In a study published in 1991 in Molecular Kiotherapy, cells with HIV-1 were treated in vitro (that is, outside the body) with manose extract. Aloe also reduced the reproduction of the virus up to 30%, thus ran the viral load (amount of virus) and suppressed the spread of the virus to other cells, in addition to increasing the viability (probability of survival) of infected cells.


11 - Provides nutritional support for patients with HIV.

It has been proven that Aloe Vera juice is an efficient part of the nutritional support program for patients with HIV (+), according to the Journal of Advance in Medicine. For four months, 29 patients drank IO0% juice of Aloe Vera and other supplements that contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Patients were instructed to continue with their normal diets and not to take other supplements. After 90 days, all patients had fewer cases of infections, fatigue and diarrhea, as well as an increase in their white blood cell count. The overall assessment of health quality also improved, since 25% of patients Aloe terminated the ability to reproduce the virus. The researchers found that Aloe stimulates the body's immune system.

12 - Stimulates the immune response against cancer.

It is possible that Aloe helps prolong the survival time and stimulate the immune system of cancer patients. Researchers who write in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy discovered a compound of Aloe (lectin) that activates the immune system to attack cancer when injected directly into tumors.In addition, Aloe promotes the growth of normal cells, that is non-cancer, according to the researchers.

13 - Counteract lung cancer.

The protective effect of Aloe was confirmed in a study in 673 patients with lung cancer in Okinawa, Japan. In this study the relationship that exists when smoking comparative amounts of 17 plant foods in the diet and the recurrence of lung cancer over a period of 9 years was observed. Aloe was the only plant food that provided protection against cancer. "The results of plant epidemiology suggest that Aloe prevents human lung carcinogenesis (lung cancer), according to the researchers. In addition, Aloe" largely prevents or suppresses various forms of human cancer. "

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