6 Strategies to improve your children's care

6 Strategies to improve your children's care

Do your children have a hard time concentrating? Can't keep attention for a long time? It is very common for children to disperse and not be attentive to the tasks they must perform, which can be a problem at school.

Parents can significantly influence the ability to care for their children. If you promote certain behaviors at home you will improve your concentration in all areas.


1. Define your objectives periodically.

Remind your children what their tasks and obligations are. Until these goals are set and the children don't forget what they have to do, you can make lists of goals and leave them written.

2. Find out where the problem is.

The lack of attention usually focuses on one of the child's areas: a particular subject or subject, an activity he does not like, certain attitudes ... Start by observing him and, if necessary, ask him the reason for his lack of interest. So you can act more tightly.

3. Be precise.

It is important that you choose the right words, always give your child simple and understandable information and ask him to ask what he does not understand or encourage him to ask for more information. It also promotes a work environment without distractions, for example when doing homework or studying.


4. Bet on the organization and routine.

You can start by imposing them on yourself, but you will have to teach him that it is your own son who sets them for himself: when he has to do his homework, when it is time for play, when to study, read, meet at the table to have dinner with Family and go to sleep...

5. Promote the activity.

It is important that you encourage your child to face the tasks actively. Even in leisure and free time it is better that you choose to carry out an activity that requires some attention (puzzles, board games, team sports) instead of choosing passive workouts such as watching television.

6. Understand your limits.

Children and adults have a limited capacity to attend and concentrate. Rest is also positive, you just have to teach him to distinguish between pausing and postponing obligations. Make him understand that if he focuses on each task in due course, he will have time for everything.


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