6 hot drinks to fight the cold

6 hot drinks to fight the cold

We enter the last month of the year, one of the coldest where wind and rain makes the days less peaceful.

Not only is it a matter of warm clothing and wearing the best shoes, there are other ways to get warm naturally using warm drinks that help us fight the cold and preserve our body temperature.


A classic that will make you warm up quickly. Vegetable broths are a very good option, since they not only warm you, they are a hot drink that will provide you with an interesting amount of vitamins and minerals.



For many, without a doubt, it is the best option for its flavor, its texture and because it is delicious! You can prepare it in many ways and accompany it with the flavor you like best. Chocolate with cinnamon, mint, nutmeg, hazelnuts, with caramel cream ... Whatever combination you choose for sure will be Exquisite!



A good solution to combat the cold is to resort to infusions, which have properties that will help us to find ourselves better and, above all, that we get into heat little by little. If you are a lover of infusions, both medicinal plants and herbs you can explore the great combination of flavors that exist. Like chamomile with rooibos, black tea with lemon, oregano tea, wild blackberries, apple pie, plums, green, red ... there is a whole world of infusions that you can enjoy.


Mulled wine

One of the best ways to get warm is to drink alcoholic beverages. And one of the most classic recipes to fight the cold is mulled wine, which is widely consumed in different European countries.



This drink could not be missing, because in addition to heating it offers us great benefits, provides us with antioxidants, keeps us alert and helps reduce the likelihood of suffering from Alzheimer's. You can add a splash of brandy, or cream and turn it into an Irish coffee ...



Hot apple cider

Although it is more common to consume it cold, especially for celebrations, you can use a variant of hot drink that is made with a base of apple juice, cloves, cinnamon and a little lemon and can be served hot.


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