Comfortable leather shoes for men

Comfortable leather shoes for men

Ultra comfortable shoes for men made with the best materials on the market, flexible, lightweight, with current touches and surprising finishes.

To be up to date without giving up comfort, ideal for work, walking or people who are long standing and need a very comfortable and light footwear, the skin is treated to be very soft and do not disturb anything when walking with them .

Loafers Comfortable Knight Sport

A shoe specially designed for work or for walking, walking, with the soft leather outer cut, padded textile insole. Colors: Black and Brown. Comfortable Brand Sport.


Men's Walking Shoes

They are a glove because they fit the foot perfectly, ultra light and very comfortable. The outer cut is treated and padded leather, the insoles are removable quilted textile. Black color Becool brand.


Brown Men's Rocker Shoes

Loafer rocker shoes without laces, leather outer cut, removable padded leather insole, made with the best cowhide skins. Color: Black Fleximax brand.


Comfortable Insole Removable Shoes

A shoe sewn by hand with removable latex leather insole very comfortable and ultra light floor. Colors: Black, Brown. Comfortable Brand Sport.


Comfortable Urban Men's Ankle Boots

Made with the best skins and fits the foot like a glove, they are very light and versatile boots, the sole is made of non-slip PU with the removable insole of folded leather. Colors: Black and Brown. Fleximax brand.


Comfortable Leather Men Shoes

Special comfortable shoes for work, for walking or people who are long standing, wear two pairs of laces in 2 cream and black colors to combine according to needs. Colors: black and brown. Urban Jungles brand.


Comfortable Men's Shoe Wide Special

Special Wide Leather Shoe, made with the best skins and with the last XL special width. It is very light and versatile, the sole is non-slip PU, the insole is removable with folded skin. Colors: Black and Brown. Fleximax brand.


Comfortable Footwear Delicate Feet

A leather footwear for men specially designed for delicate feet for those people who have to stand a long time, to walk is ultra comfortable and light, with removable padded textile leather insole. Color: Black Original Brand


If you are looking for comfortable shoes for your day to day, check our Web page and you will see the number of models in comfortable shoes man which we have, and if you do not find what you are looking for we will help you. Call us or send whatsapp to 608654481.

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