12 tips to keep calm

12 tips to keep calm

Sometimes we face difficult or conflicting situations in which it is very difficult to maintain serenity. Surely you have ever lived that difficult moment in which your emotional control overflows, you lose your nerves and you are totally unable to make a wise decision, in which, even, you explode and you only want to shout and unload your fury in that person that you exasperating

We have a frantic pace of life in which tension, nerves and all the negative consequences of not knowing how to keep calm build up in our body.


Identify the alarm signals:

Try to be alert to the signals that the body sends us to situations of tension and stress. It is important that you know how to identify your body in these circumstances.

Listen to music:

Music generates positive biorhythms and calms the mood.

Go for a walk:

Walk for 10 minutes. Looking at people and watching the clouds will make your mind clear.



Breathing control is essential to keep calm. Pay attention to how the air enters and leaves your body. Listen to your breath and oxygenate your mind.

Treat yourself:

Eat an orange Its vitamin C content helps reduce excess cortisol.

Hydrate yourself:

Drink a glass of water to calm anxiety. Hydrate every time you feel the stress is coming.


Stretch the muscles and joints to get rid of tension and promote relaxation.


Go shower:

Soaking in warm (warm) water calms anxiety and calms the mind.


Smelling a scent that transports you to a happy moment in your life will provide an instant mood boost.

Listen out:

Isolate your mind by listening to any external noise such as traffic or birdsong.


Thinking about someone you want will allow you to smile.

Forgive and forget:

It is crucial that we be aware of the mistakes we have made and free to be able to forgive ourselves and thus free our guilt.

It is always good to try to get the positive side of things and take it all with humor. Laugh at yourself, the situation and everything, no matter how complicated it is sometimes.

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