Sale Winter 2020

Sale Winter 2020

Did you know...? if you have bought any product in, and you rate it or think about it, if you liked it, if it is of good quality, if they are comfortable, if they are like a glove, or the service provided by our customer service team of our shoe store, etc.

We provide you with a discount code for your next purchase !!

Discount Codes


Code: REBAJAS-2020 An additional 10% to the already discounted price

Code: CLIENTES (1 PRODUCT IN THE BASKET purchase 6% Discount)

Code: CLIENTESPRO (2 PRODUCTS IN THE BASKET purchase 10% Additional Discount)

Code: PREMIUM (3 OR MORE PRODUCT IN THE BASKET purchase 15% Additional Discount)

Discount table for each shopping cart:

These discounts are applied in the shopping cart you have to follow the criteria of the same, 1 product in the shopping cart a 6% Discount, 2 products in the basket 10% Discount, 3 or more products in the shopping cart a 15% discount.

The discount codes are put in capital letters.


If you buy 1, or 2 products and the non-corresponding discount applies example: PREMIUM of 15%, this order will not be valid, if you buy fewer products than indicated in the promotion, We understand that your order is not valid.


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