11 Tips to buy on sale

11 Tips to buy on sale

You are here the sales!

And as we know, this encourages us to buy compulsively and put more things in the shopping cart than we really need. You have to be especially careful with that enthusiasm but you want to see yourself with the closet full of clothes that you will never use and that will mean a loss (substantial if we don't moderate) of money.


Do we really need everything we buy? What should we do not to get carried away by discounts and promotions? Need or caprice?

Here are some tips to make the most of the sale season to the fullest:


1. Do not buy just for the offer:

Before doing so, think about whether it really is something you need and you are going to wear. Otherwise, it will end up being a waste of money.

2. Do not buy clothes that you will not have the opportunity to wear:

Even if you fall in love with all models, dresses, skirts, etc ... if you know that you will not have the opportunity to wear them, do not fall into temptation.

3. Buy clothes / shoes of your size:

If you find a model that you love but does not fit your size, do not settle for a larger or smaller size. It will not fit you and you will end up giving it to someone.

4. Bet on the basics:

There are clothes and accessories that never go out of style and the sales are the perfect opportunity to get them without hurting you spend some more money. They will be a long term investment.

5. Be sure to try on the clothes:

If you want to avoid storing clothes with a label in your closet bottom, try them quietly in the stores, stand in line, don't stress and see if you really like how it feels.

6. Go to stores at times with less influx:

In this way you will avoid stress, queues, bumping into people, not being able to look at the models well, you will get less tired and avoid getting angry at not finding what you like.

7. Plan what you will spend:

This is very important. Know how much is the maximum you have. Set a goal and a small list of what you need, and so the temptations will be less. Once you get it, if you have a budget, treat yourself!

8. Don't buy it just because it's a trend or the celebrities wear it:

Although it is good to bet on trends, do not let yourself be guided by the style of the 'celebs', look for clothes of your style and that feels good to you.

9. Keep in mind that:

ALL sales products must bear the previous price and the discounted price

10. Do not buy the same garment or the same pattern infinitely.

If you see that top, dress or shorts that you love so much, it is possible that you take advantage of the sales to acquire it in all possible shades, but keep in mind that you could get tired of it and seem to always wear the same style.

11. Do not always buy in the same store.

Surely you have a favorite store that you visit regularly and has become your reference brand, it is good that you visit others and explore the number of models and brands that are in the market, surely with that you will find very good offers and other styles of fashion that you will love and renew your wardrobe.


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