12 alternative uses of Vicks Vaporub

12 alternative uses of Vicks Vaporub

The Vicks VapoRub is the most famous and used menthol in the whole world.

It is usually very useful for relieving nasal congestion and flu symptoms. However, Vicks Vaporub has many other uses that you might not even know.

I am going to leave some of them:

1. Nasal congestion and cough

This is your most classic and original use of that product. To relieve cough and nasal congestion, just apply a little on the chest and throat. In a few minutes we will feel a great relief.



2. Eliminate stretch marks

Rather than eliminating them, it cures eczema, calms muscle pain and reduces pimples. To do this, we should only apply it frequently in the affected area and we will achieve surprising results.

3. Reduce ear pain

To achieve this effect, we just have to smear a cotton ball with Vicks VapoRub and place it in the ear. This will calm the earache quickly and without side effects.

4. Fight nail and foot fungus

To do this, apply Vicks VapoRub several times a week on the nails and wear socks. We have to repeat this process as many times as necessary to eliminate them completely.

5. Athlete's foot

To end the infections produced by athlete's foot, we can use this menthol. Simply apply it several times a day on the feet and the bad smell and infections will disappear.

6. Remove warts and smooth cracked heels

This is also one of its quite well-known uses, since it has spread throughout the internet. To do this we should only apply the menthol in the affected area and wrap it with a gauze. We will repeat this process until we get improvements.


7. Heal wounds

By applying Vicks VapoRub on wounds or cuts, the skin will heal more quickly and prevent infections.

8. To relieve the sores

This product will help you increase blood circulation and will give you relief from the sores quickly. You will only have to apply a generous amount in the area where it hurts the most.

9. To avoid infections in cuts

If you want to avoid an infection in a cut and accelerate the healing time, you will only have to apply a small amount in any cut or splinter, you will see how quickly it heals!

10. Remove bruises

If you have taken a hit and you have left a bruise with this product it will disappear quickly. Mix in a teaspoon Vicks with a pinch of sea salt and apply in the affected area. Make a gentle massage and repeat until the bruise has healed.

11. Avoid insect bites

Insects cannot withstand the strong and menthol smell of VapoRub. Apply a thin layer to your skin before exposing yourself to these annoying insects, in addition, the Vick also acts as an antiprurite and antiseptic balm for existing bites.


12. Remove belly fat

Make a paste of VapoRub, camphor oil, baking soda and a splash of alcohol. Before exercising, rub the paste over your abdomen and wrap it with a plastic wrap. Exercise as if there were no tomorrow, then rinse the paste in the shower.

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