15 Tips for good body posture

15 Tips for good body posture

We spend many hours in the office working and fatigue causes us to adopt inappropriate postures during the day, which leads us to have muscle aches in much of our body.

Therefore, it is interesting to adopt a series of measures and / or advice that can make our workday more enjoyable and bearable and thus counteract the effects of so many hours accumulated and prevent possible injuries.


1. Support your back against the backrest and keep it straight.

2. Keep your feet on the floor and do not cross your legs.

3. Adjust the screen so that it is at your eye level.

4. Have your space tidy and manage it well.

5. Make circular movements when sitting.

6. Do not overload your space with unnecessary elements.

7. Change your position frequently while sitting.

8. Stretch your muscles gently from time to time to relieve muscle tension.

9. Maintain an optimum temperature between 18-24º.

10. Avoid working on the couch or bed when you're at home. Better do it on a table!

11. The size of the table should be 160-180 cm long.

12. Choose a comfortable chair that fits your body's needs.

13. Combine natural light and artificial light so as not to force sight.

14. Place the monitor perpendicular to the window to avoid reflections and shadows.

15. Adjust the brightness of your computer screen.

It is very important to strengthen your muscles

There are exercises to develop the strength and tone of the muscles, especially the lumbar and abdominal, will reduce the risks of suffering from diseases caused by bad postures. Swimming or yoga are very positive activities to enhance greater resistance to pain and daily hustle and bustle.

It is advisable to wear appropriate footwear, as it also influences the posture we adopt.

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