Communion shoes boy 2020

Communion shoes boy 2020

To complement your child's communion costumes, be it the typical sailor suit or admiral, a classic of all time and that does not go out of style, or a dress suit for those children who want to go like dad, We have the most appropriate shoes for each of them.

Communion Shoes Boy

A high quality and comfortable ceremony shoes with blucher cut with drawstrings and sole of Cuerolite. Colors: Blue and Beig. Sizes: 30 to 41. Killos brand.


Nautical Leather Boy

A classic that never fails, this nautical is perfect for that special day, with the adjustable leather and Velcro floor. Color: Navy Blue and Red. Sizes: 24/39. S @ KUT brand.


Leather Leather Communion Shoes

A moccasin ceremony shoe with tassels with a very comfortable rubber sole. Ideal to combine with sailor suit in any color since they are manufactured in navy, beige and leather. Sizes: 31 to 41. Angelitos brand.


Communion Shoes Child Killos

Blucher cut footwear with the inner leather lining, leather sole and very flexible corolla sole. Colors: Blue and Beige. Sizes: 30 to 41. Killos brand.


Communion shoes Patent leather

Communion shoes with blucher cut and the outer material patent leather with sole sole and laces. Sizes 31 to 40. Colors Patent Leather and Patent Leather Beige. Angelitos brand.


Shoes Castellanos Sole Leather

Castilian shoes with florentic leather mask with leather sole. Its thick skin makes it a durable and very comfortable shoe. An ideal dress shoe to complement your child's suit. Colors: Bordeaux, navy and Black. Sizes: 34/40. Angelitos brand.


Check our footwear website, and if you can't find something, we can help you. You can call us at 608654481 we are specialists in ceremony shoes.

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