6 plants that eliminate the smell of tobacco from your home

6 plants that eliminate the smell of tobacco from your home

Few things are more unpleasant than the smell of tobacco in the home, even for people who smoke. Tobacco smoke is as harmful to the health of the smoker as it is to all the people around him who are not smoking but nevertheless inhale it.

The smell of tobacco smoke is very invasive and adheres to furniture, fabrics and environments. Therefore, it is common that in the house or office where there are smokers the curtains have impregnated the smell of cigarettes, in addition to acquiring a grayish color.

One of the natural ways to eliminate the smell of tobacco from the environment is with indoor plants that not only serve as decoration, but also purify the air we breathe.


1. Ficus

These trees or shrubs are usually perennial and need to be in a bright place without receiving solar radiation directly, so they are ideal for the interior of a house or office. Of the plants that eliminate the smell of tobacco these are usually the most used.


2. Aglaonema

Of the plants that eliminate the smell of tobacco this is usually the most voluminous. Its large green leaves will brighten up any environment but also its generous foliage will help clean the air in the home. It needs light and ventilation and tolerates humid places.

3. Chrysanthemum

This plant is characterized by eliminating ammonia so it will be very useful to purify the air in a smoker's home. In addition, they have a pleasant aroma capable of eliminating harmful odors around them such as carcinogenic solvents present in oils, fuels and paints.


4. The jasmine

It is one of the main protagonists of most perfumes. With a single jasmine flower you can completely eliminate the odors present in a room.

5. Gerberas

If you need to renew the energy of your home and purify the air you breathe, gerberas are what you need. Its colorful and wide flowers will change the landscape of the environment where you place it and also your mood since just seeing them will make your day. They need light and humidity and it is convenient to keep them away from the radiators.


6. Tiger tongue

This plant demands little and contributes a lot. It just requires that you water it from time to time, only when the soil is dry, but that is why it is still a long-lived and resistant plant. It will give a touch of modernity to your home and will help keep the air purified.

Other plants that eliminate the smell of tobacco and benzene:

  • Areca, it also serves to eliminate ammonia.
  • Headband, especially effective with xylene.
  • Dracena, effective by eliminating CO (carbon monoxide)..

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