Bridal shoes 2020

Bridal shoes 2020

The wedding day is a unique and very special day, and a wedding shoe has to suit the style of the dress, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and stable.

Today, luckily, we have a wide variety of wedding footwear, from the typical salons to esparto and / or jute sandals, with or without a platform ...

And since the shoes you will wear throughout the ceremony, in addition to being beautiful they must be comfortable to enjoy your day without discomfort in your feet.

White Bridal Shoes

Bridal shoe with an inner platform and in leather, undercut and taken with ankle collar. Very comfortable and elegant bridal shoes with a 11 cm high heel. Colors: White. Sizes: 35/41. Eyha brand. € 56.00


Mayfran Bridal Shoe

Bride shoe with an ornament in the form of pleats on the upper and open at the front, the toes are visible, with a very comfortable medium heel. White color. Sizes: 35/41. Mayfran brand. € 48.00


Bride shoes

Wedding shoe with high heel, a modern and very elegant lounge model opened by the front upper, you can see the fingers a bit. Colors: Ivory. Sizes: 35/41. Mayfran brand. € 45.00


Within all bridal footwear we fear jute sandals. The esparto wedges for bride are comfortable and elegant without having to suffer the fatigue of a high heel, their casual style makes it a simple touch.

Wedding Shoe Jute Wedge Flower Ornament

Bridal Wedge Jute Esparto Flower Adornment Shoe are very comfortable, simple and elegant footwear. Colors: Ivory. Sizes: 35/41, Brand María Victoria. € 53.50


Jute Wedge Bridal Shoes

Leather sandal, with satin flower decoration, with platform and heel, are undercut and gathered with ankle collar, which make them fit perfectly to the foot. Color: Raw. Sizes: 35/41. Maria Victoria brand. € 46.00


Jute Wedge Bridal Shoe

Smooth leather sandal with collar. To change your bridal shoes and be comfortable at your wedding. Colors: Ivory. Sizes: 35/41. Maria Victoria brand. € 39.00


If you do not find or have doubts about how to choose your footwear online, we advise you and help you find the shoes that best suit you. Call us at 608654481 and we will be delighted to help you.

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