Prepare your skin for the sun in 5 steps

Prepare your skin for the sun in 5 steps

Now that the good weather arrives and we go out into the street with less warm clothes, we expose areas of our body that have been covered for many months, so we must be cautious and not launch into prolonged exposure, the ideal is to do it little a little to avoid possible burns.


Exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliating the skin is beneficial to remove all those impurities and dead cells that may be on our skin and, thus, we can achieve a uniform tan. In addition, a constant exfoliation and in circular movements, will provide you with smooth and hydrated skin.


It is very important and fundamental to hydrate your skin before exposing it to the sun so that it is not damaged. Therefore it is convenient to apply moisturizers all over our body, including the face, throughout the year.

Protect yourself:

Use sunscreens that are suitable for our skin type. Do not only use them when you go to the beach, also when you leave the house for a walk or if you are going to make a long journey that will expose you to the rays of the sun. Choose a high solar factor if your skin is very white or sensitive, especially in the first exposures.


Balance diet:

It is very important that you take care of what you eat, you must follow a balanced diet throughout the year, to acquire the nutrients that help our body to acquire that tan that you so desire. Eat fresh seasonal vegetables. Take vegetable proteins, such as legumes, cereals, nuts or seeds rich in Omega 3. In addition to foods that contain vitamin C, antioxidants (turmeric, broccoli, green tea ...), beta-carotenes (carrot, pumpkin or yellow pepper), detoxifying (onion, leek or garlic).


Once you get home, don't forget to continue taking care of your skin after exposure to the sun. For them, it uses products that soothe and hydrate the dermis, and that favor the restoration of the skin barrier.


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Specialists recommend always wearing sunglasses with appropriate lenses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. As the heat progresses, it is advisable to wear caps, hats or visors as a physical barrier that prevents the sun's rays from damaging our skin, especially in the central hours of the day and when we go to the beach, the mountains, the pool or do activities at fresh air.

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