Covid-19 face shields with security screen

Covid-19 face shields with security screen

After what has happened in recent months due to the situation of the covid-19, we have to take extreme safety and health measures both personally, from day to day and at work.

For this reason, from calzadoszapatos we have facial protectors at your disposal so that it is easier to return to normalcy and we can work as safely as possible, offering our clients a service according to current circumstances.

We have CEE-certified coronavirus face shield. A high-quality protector to use daily for work or to protect yourself from viruses. It is very comfortable because it has eva gel and does not bother anything, the visor and velcro are high quality and very resistant, it weighs nothing. Offering you the protection you need.



1.       Components EEC certificates.


2.       Reusable.


3.      Easy Cleaning.


4.      Anti-fog system.


5.      High Quality Velcro Fit.


6.       Visor support Gel-Eva maximum comfort.


7.       0.37mm polycarbonate visor

8.       Super light.

9.       Perfect for long working days.


10.   Eye, Mouth and Nose Protection.


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