8 bio leather sandals for women summer 2020

8 bio leather sandals for women summer 2020

The bio women's sandals have become a trend in women's footwear over the years. Both for its quality and its designs, the bio sandal is characterized by adapting to our foot, achieving spectacular comfort.

Bio Anatomical Sandals

Some very comfortable sandals with a leather outer cut, leather inner lining, gel and leather sole, bio cork sole, synthetic sole, it has a 6 cm wedge and a resistant velcro closure system to be able to adjust correctly to the feet if they swell. Colors: White and Leather. Sizes: 35/41: DigoDigo brand. € 42.80


Bio Heel Sandals

A sandal with a very special design with a platform and a high heel of 8.5 cm, the sole is made of leather and very comfortable gel, they are attached to the ankle with a buckle. Colors: Leather and Black. Sizes: 35/41. Make DigoDigo. € 46.00


Bio Morxiva sandals

These sandals are all made of leather, and have a current design. A sandal for delicate feet, they have a very comfortable leather insole, the sole is cork, a resistant velcro closure system. Colors: leather, brown and black. Sizes: 35/41. Morxiva brand. € 30.15


Esparto Bio Wedge Sandals

It is very comfortable, the plant is bio and lined with leather, they are made of small leather, the support is with a buckle attached to the ankle, these sandals have a small 4 cm wedge that makes them very comfortable when walking. Colors: Walnut. Sizes: 35/41. Fiordi brand. € 35.20


Bio Women's Sandals

Bio woman sandals with printed calfskin leather, with a 4 cm wedge, outer cut in leather and synthetic, inner leather lining, bio cork and leather insole, bio cork and rubber sole, buckle closure system. Colors: White and Leather. Sizes: 35/41. Mark I say I say. € 35.91


Bio Women's Sandal

These bio sandals are very special because of their design, they have an inner gel sole, so that they are totally comfortable. They are made of colored cowhide leather with a cross strap design. Colors: Leather, Red, White and Mustard. Sizes: 35/41. Make DigoDigo. € 34.00


Bio Velcro Sandals

Sandals with low wedge of 4 cm is very comfortable, the plant is bio with a cushion and lined with leather, they are made of calf leather, the front part of the sandal has a leather strap with multicolored braided decoration, the fastening is by means of velcro to the ankle. Colors: Black, Multi Color and White. Sizes: 35/41. Fiordi brand. € 34.67


Bio Gel Women's Sandals

With these bio and gel sandals with 6 cm wedge you will have a spectacular look, while comfortable, they are made of leather, their wedge is high, but they are very comfortable and comfortable since they have the gel sole, which gives a lot of firmness and comfort in the tread. Colors: Leather and Navy. Sizes: 35/41. Make DigoDigo. € 42.14


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