Menorcan covers for the whole family

Menorcan covers for the whole family

The encompasses (avarca) is a type of rustic footwear that comes from the rural world of the island of Menorca, made mainly of rawhide, which covers only the soles of the feet, and is secured with cords or straps on the instep and ankle .

It is a resistant and at the same time flexible footwear. The material used to make its sole is the rubber tire which, when it was no longer useful for vehicles, was used to make saddles.

Starting in the 1960s, this shoe became a summer shoe, both for Menorcans and for tourists visiting the island of Menorca, becoming a trend for being practical shoes adapted to the environment.

Today the covers are an ideal complement when dressing, perfect to combine with any garment. You can wear them with swimsuits, dresses and short skirts, which stylize your legs, or wear them with your favorite jeans, to give a more casual air to your look.

Original Menorcan sandals

Some very original and special Menorcan sandals due to their design, are made by collectors by hand, leather leather jute, with the leather sole, leather and jute upper, leather and jute lining, jute and rubber sole sole. Jute leather color. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Life. € 37.20


Cheap Menorcan sandals

Women's leather sandals with a leather sole, an outer leather cut, a rubber sole. Available colors: Red, Black, White, Navy. Sizes: 30/41. Menorcan Avarcas brand. € 19.69


Woman Jute Leather Sandals

Menorcan avarcas sandals in split leather jute with a 4 cm platform, with a leather sole, outer leather cut, leather and jute lining, jute and rubber sole. Mustard, Black and Leather Colors. Sizes: 35/41. BDA brand. € 35.90


Ibiza Leather Sandal

Ibizan Sandal Woman, girl and boy in leather with the leather sole, very elegant and simple. Available colors: White, Navy. Sizes: 30/41. Killos brand. € 15.00


Avarca Woman Jute Leather

Woman sandals with leather sole, outer leather cut, leather lining, cork and rubber sole sole, wedge sole height 2 cm. Blue, black and leather colors. Sizes: 35/41. Blusandal brand. € 35.27


Avarcas Woman Esparto

Jute Menorcan sandals in jute leather, with leather sole, outer skin cut, leather and jute lining, jute and rubber sole sole. Platform Height: 3.5 cm. White and leather colors. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Life. € 35.20


Jute Man Sandals

Menorcan sandals for men in leather, with leather sole in leather, with jute and non-slip rubber sole, leather lining. Leather and black colors. Sizes: 39/45, BluSandal Brand. € 33.67


Iberian Mallorcan Leather Sandal

Majorcan leather, rubber sole, Velcro. They are attached to the ankle with a collar and buckle, which makes the sandal fit the foot perfectly. Colors: White, Navy, and Multi Color. Sizes: 22/34. Killos brand. € 15.40


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