Leather sandals for men

Leather sandals for men

Men's sandals are very practical and functional footwear with which to dress daily. They have become an essential accessory for those summer days that we feel like being comfortable as well as cool, without giving up elegance

Therefore, each season they are the most sold and valued footwear for today's man who likes to be fashionable with the latest market trends.

Leather sandals made in Spain and with high quality materials, ideal to combine with jeans, shorts, T-shirts, shorts, polo shirts ... whatever style you like to wear, with them you will give a unique and special touch to your look .

Men's Leather And Gel Sandals

Men's sandal with a strap in leather straps and crossed, with a touch of a thousand points. outer leather upper, with leather inner lining, leather and gel sole, with polyurethane sole. Brown and Black Color. Sizes 39/46. Dj Santa brand. € 33.12


Anatomical Knight Sandals

Very comfortable men's sandals, outer leather cut, inner leather lining, bio cork and leather sole, velcro closure system, urban sandals with a very elegant and fresh design. Black and brown color. Sizes 39/46. Brand Pepe Agulló. € 39.90


Men's Leather Sandals

Made of leather with openings for the foot to breathe perfectly avoiding bad odors and excessive sweating. The plant is made of leather and polyurethane sole sewn to the outer cut. Color: Leather and Black. Sizes: 39/46. Keelan brand. € 46.60


Bio Knight Leather Sandals

Very urban and comfortable sandals with an outer leather cut, inner leather lining, bio cork and leather sole, buckle closure system. Black and brown colors. Sizes 39/46. Morxiba brand. € 27.00


Comfort Wide Men's Sandals

Wide comfort leather men's sandals with velcro made of leather, with an inner leather lining and padded textile, the outer cut is made of leather with openings for the foot to breathe, a very versatile model. Colors: Brown and Black. Sizes: 39/45. Morxiba brand. € 43.34


Slave Man Leather Sandals

Slave sandals very versatile, with these leather sandals you make sure you are cool on the hottest days of summer. Brown, White and Black colors. Sizes: 39/45. Berevere brand. € 25.27


Comfortable Velcro Men's Sandals

Sandals with velcro, leather outer material with inner lining of anti-perspirant textile, padded leather insole, velcro closure system. Leather and blue colors. Sizes: 39/46. Comfortable's Sport brand. € 54.67


Men's Velcro Leather Sandals

Some very comfortable sandals with a padded leather and gel sole, the outer cut of the leather upper and it is crossed and a velcro closure, to adjust them to the foot, with an inner leather lining. Color: Black. Sizes: 39/47. Duendy brand. € 31.90


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