Benefits of using cold bandages for our body

Benefits of using cold bandages for our body

Cold bandages are a method of reducing the temperature of certain body areas by applying bandages or garments impregnated with special liquids. In this way, the body reacts and struggles to maintain the temperature and for this it burns fats and eliminates toxins at the same time that it promotes circulation. With this it is possible to reduce the volume and eliminate cellulite.




- Combustion and mobilization of adipose tissue occurs

- By decreasing the temperature, circulation is improved and a contraction of the muscles occurs

- Helps to eliminate cellulite

- Reduces stretch marks

- It has an anti-inflammatory action and helps prevent spills

- Improves the nervous system

- Helps burn fat, thereby achieving weight loss

- Eliminates toxins

- Reduce and reaffirm


They are especially indicated for:

- Cellulite

- Tired and heavy legs

- Circulatory problems

-  Flaccidity

- Lack of Muscle Toning

It is performed with conventional bandages to which a liquid containing alcohol, menthol and camphor is applied, which produces a drop in body temperature in the applied area of 4-5 ºC.

To carry out the treatment:

- Three parts of water are used for one of the liquid (that is, three caps of the bottle with water and one of liquid)

- We put it in a basin and we impregnate the bandages with the mixture everywhere

- We put the bandage on the body (area to be treated) and we will start to feel quite cold, which will reach its maximum after 15 minutes.

- We wrap the area with a specific plastic for this treatment.

- We allow approx. for 45 minutes

- After this time, we remove the plastic and the bandage, leaving the body dry due to the absorption and evaporation of the liquid.

- Finally, we wash the bandage for a next application.



- The best time to do it is in the summer season as it gets a little cold during the process.

- The results are already visible in the first sessions and eliminates the feeling of heaviness in each application.

- It is recommended to carry out 10-20 sessions in a row at the beginning, about two or three times a week.

- Do not perform after eating to avoid digestion cuts.

- Do not perform in the abdominal area during menstruation.

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