Man leather boat shoes to wear this summer

Man leather boat shoes to wear this summer

The man who goes to the last and likes a comfortable summer shoe, surely has in his wardrobe some nautical leather shoes, since it is a current shoe and that does not go out of fashion, it is a renewed classic.

It is the best option for the interim season or summer, perfect and ideal to combine with light-colored chinos or to wear with shorts, giving an inspiration of Mediterranean flair.

Leather Man Boat Shoes

Boat shoes with outer cut in split leather, padded leather insole and laces, have a two-tone rubber sole. Colors: Leather, Khaki and Navy. Sizes: 39/46. Original brand. € 43.64


Men's Boat Shoes

Very comfortable boat, with an outer cut in leather and a stitched upper, with a leather and gel insole. Colors: Navy, Brown. Sizes 39/46. Squirrel brand. € 49.54


Breathable Leather Man Boat Shoes

Nautical leather that goes with openings for better breathability of the foot and avoid moisture and sweat, outer cut leather with openings, they are made with quality materials and are very comfortable. Colors: Navy, Brown and Leather. Sizes: 39/46. DJ Santa brand. € 53.69


Urban Leather Boat Shoe

Nautical moccasin all in leather, leather insole, rubber sole and hand-sewn with mask decoration. Russet. Sizes: 39/46. Urban Jungles brand. € 48.00


Nautical Seesaw Therapeutic Man

Nautical rocker with therapeutic curved sole, with the removable leather insole, it is a wide model to prevent it from bothering when walking and it adapts perfectly to the foot. Colors: Black and Reddish. Sizes: 36/46. Fleximax brand. € 65.20


Original Knight Boat Shoes

Boat shoes with split suede leather upper, padded leather insole, lacing closure system and rubber sole. Colors: Leather and Navy. Sizes: 39/46. Original brand. € 46.00


Nautical Leather Shoe

A classic shoe that does not go out of style, outer leather cut, with a padded leather insole, rubber rubber sole, hand-sewn by master shoemaker craftsmen. Colors: Navy, Reddish and Black. Sizes. 35/52. Fleximax brand. € 56.88zapatos-nauticos-piel-negro

Men's Boat Shoes

Boat shoes with laces closure system, soft leather outer cut, with leather inner lining and leather sole. Colors: Marino and Jacinto. Sizes: 39/46. DJ Santa brand. € 49.20


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