8 very comfortable women's leather sandals

8 very comfortable women's leather sandals

At Calzadoszapatos we have a wide variety of models of leather sandals for women (bio, calfskin, mule, jute ...) to complement your summer outfis.

On this occasion we show you very comfortable models so that your feet look trendy and feel the well-being they deserve.

Perfect sandals to wear with long skirts, minis, jumpsuits, shorts and combine them with wicker bags, shoulder bags and any other summer accessory.

Jute Women's Comfortable Sandals

Jute comfortable sandals with a leather sole and total comfort gel, with a buckle closure system, an outer cut in leather and textile, a gel and leather insole and a synthetic imitation jute sole sole. Colors: Black and Leather. Sizes: 35/41. Tequila brand. € 32.80


Jute Comfortable Sandals

Very current sandals with a braid upper, gel and leather sole, outer leather cut, height 3.5 cm, with a very elegant Ibizan touch. Colors: Leather, Multicolor and Silver. Sizes: 35/41. Blusandal brand. € 36.47


Comfortable Women's Sandals 2020

Sandals with outer leather cut, very comfortable leather and gel insole, with the upper with 3 wide straps, with a 3 cm flat platform. Colors: Mustard and White. Sizes: 35/41. Tekila brand. € 35.52


Comfortable Leather Crab Sandals

Very comfortable sandals type crabs with a wedge of 3.5 cm, its sole is made of leather and very comfortable latex in the tread, outer cut of leather, polyurethane sole does not weigh anything and prevents slipping. Black and platinum colors. Sizes 35/41.


Gel Velcro Comfortable Sandals

Total comfort sandal because it incorporates gel and leather insole, outer leather cut, velcro closure system, sandals that weigh nothing. Brown and Multicolor Colors. Sizes: 35/41. Angel Foot Brand. € 30.62


Comfortable Woman Sandal

Sandal with 3 cm wedge, synthetic leather outer cut, very comfortable leather and gel insole will surprise you, braided upper in different colors. Brown color. Sizes: 35/41. Tekila brand. € 35.98


Comfortable Gel Leather Sandals

Sandals with the leather upper with very fresh, youthful and current chopped ornament, gel and leather sole, outer leather and textile upper, height 3.5 cm. Colors: Yellow and Blue. Sizes: 35/41. Blusandal brand. € 32.95


Women's Flat Gel Sandals

Flat sandals, with a leather outer cut, very comfortable leather and gel insole, adornment on the upper, braided in snake. Colors: Leather, White and Mustard. Sizes: 35/41. Tekila brand. € 32.80


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