Boys leather school shoes

Boys leather school shoes

The children's school shoe is a classic, it has a rubber sole which makes it a very comfortable and comfortable shoe, ideal to combine with a school uniform suit in any color, since these shoes are manufactured in navy blue, black and Brown.

It is a versatile, robust, comfortable and high quality shoe for children as it uses top quality materials for children's feet, incorporating a reinforced PVC toe, to avoid chafing and to last longer.

A perfect shoe for what it is designed for.

Brown Boy School Shoe

A blucher type shoe with velcro, sole with an anatomical leather bridge. Brown color. Sizes: 22/41. Angelitos brand. € 35.47



School Boy Shoe Leather Reinforced Toe

Velcro shoes. Color: Black. Sizes: 22/41. Angelitos brand. € 36.80


School Boy Leather Shoe

Blucher type shoes with velcro and sole with an anatomical leather bridge. Colors: Black, Navy and Brown. Sizes: 22/41. Angelitos brand. € 40.80


Schoolboy Shoes Boy Leather Reinforced Toe

Velcro shoes. Color: Navy. Sizes: 20/28. Xiquets brand. € 34.80


Leather Sole Castellanos Shoes

Castilian boy shoes with florentic leather mask, with leather sole. Colors: Bordeaux, Navy and Black. Sizes: 34/40. Angelitos brand. € 59.67


J'HAYBER School Shoes

Unixex collegiate sneaker with velcro combined in leather and microfiber. White color. Sizes: 22/38. J'Hayber brand. € 29.00


Boy's School Shoes

Velcro shoes and leather sole with anatomical bridge. Color: Black, navy and brown. Sizes: 22/41. Angelitos brand. € 41.54 


Boys Leather Boat Shoes

Nautical leather with leather sole and adjustable Velcro. Navy colour. Sizes: 24/39. S @ KUT brand. € 30.00



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