School news: Moccasins and ballerinas

School news: Moccasins and ballerinas

So that the little ones can enjoy a school period in which they are comfortable, nothing like wearing these shoes, made of leather and with high quality materials, a national product made by expert shoemakers.

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Boy's School Moccasin

This moccasin-type footwear for children is a classic, ideal for school uniforms, it has a rubber sole which makes it a very comfortable and comfortable shoe, they are manufactured in navy blue, black and brown. It is a versatile child's shoe, since after the school season they can wear it on other occasions. Sizes: 25-40. Angelitos brand. € 40.20


Schoolboy Ballerina Tie

The ideal footwear for school uniforms, the traditional dancers are a timeless model, they wear a rope loop decoration, leather outer material, the inner lining material is natural leather, it incorporates an inner protective reinforcement in the toe and the Heel, the insole is made of leather and incorporates a padded anatomical bridge, the sole is made of non-slip rubber. Sizes: 25-40. Colors: Black, Brown and Navy. Angelitos brand. € 38.80


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