Tips To Fight Autumn Asthenia

Tips To Fight Autumn Asthenia

Summer is over and we are entering autumn, a period full of changes in which the days are shorter and the nights are longer, the sky is covered with clouds threatening storms, rains, snow ... and we have to constantly make use of jackets and coats. We go out less and the lack of light affects us at all levels, plunging us into a state of decay.

You probably heard about it with the arrival of spring (in fact we talked about it here) but the truth is that asthenia also occurs in autumn.

The main cause of this disorder is in the hormones that regulate the functioning of the body, and whose production does not always adapt well to the readjustments of light, temperature and schedules that occur with the change of seasons.


When we suffer from asthenia, we sleep poorly, we are more tired, it is difficult for us to concentrate, we have muscle weakness and we feel more sad, listless and irritated ... In other words, fatigue invades us and we lose vitality for no apparent reason.

Autumnal asthenia is not a disease or a syndrome, since its effects disappear as soon as the body adjusts to seasonal changes and the best treatment is prevention.

Some tips to combat it:

Try to sleep well:

Your fatigue is due in part to the daylight saving time mismatch and that throws your internal clock off. To get it back to normal, try to sleep 8 hours and maintain stable hours: go to bed and get up at the same time and try not to stay up late.

Light menus and hydrate yourself:

Choose a healthy diet with seasonal and light foods. Avoid processed foods rich in fat or sugar. In addition, it is advisable to eat about five times a day to maintain the energy level. On the other hand, hydration is also important, drink two and a half liters of water a day and always carry a bottle with you to be able to drink when you need it.

Do exercise:

The benefits of exercising are many, try to do it for at least half an hour and with this you will generate endorphins, so it helps you overcome apathy; you get muscle tone and background, with what your body becomes more resistant to fatigue; and you eliminate toxins and you feel lighter.

Take advantage of the hours of natural light to go out to sunbathe:

Sunlight helps lift your spirits as it activates a series of neurotransmitters and stimulates the secretion of hormones responsible for emotions and biological control depending on the day and night.



Nutrients that will help you lift your spirits:

1. Iron:

The lack of this mineral causes tiredness, dizziness and lack of concentration. The foods richest in iron are shellfish (cockles, clams and the like), meats, fish and legumes.

2. Omega 3 and Omega 6:

These fats make up 30% of the lipid structure of the brain, so they are key to the "health" of your neurons and a proper functioning of the nervous system.

3. Tryptophan:

It is an essential amino acid key to the manufacture of serotonin, which in turn turns into melatonin at night and helps you sleep well. It is only obtained through food, so include in your diet: eggs, dairy, fish, meats, legumes (soy), nuts and fruits.

4. Vitamins A, C and E:

They provide antioxidants, the absence of which causes oxidative stress that causes continuous asthenia. Fruits, vegetables and greens contain them.

Es muy importante que elimines sustancias excitantes para el sistema nervioso como la teína, cafeína y tóxicos como el alcohol y el tabaco.

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