10 Plants That Relieve Stress and Anxiety

10 Plants That Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Plants not only function as decoration or food, there are also some species that, through their smell and other properties, clean oxygen to improve the quality of the air you breathe and are capable of causing changes in your nervous system to reduce tension and make you feel better.

Nervousness, restlessness, overwhelmed, clumsiness, hypervigilance, tachycardia are some of the symptoms of anxiety and this is a very unpleasant state of mind.

Learn to relax naturally with the use of plants and their aromas to minimize these negative symptoms and improve your well-being.

1. Lavender

It has a unique color that makes it a favorite for interior decoration, its smell is very pleasant and it seems to be effective in reducing stress levels. Taking a bath with lavender leaves also works as a natural relaxant that will help clear your thoughts and regain your calm.


2. Jasmine

Just by looking at the elegant white jasmine flowers you can feel peace. This plant works as an antidepressant and helps you fall asleep if you have it near your bed. You can also make oils and infusions based on its flowers.


3. Melissa

Melissa has relaxing properties, it is beneficial for insomnia and headaches, antidepressant, it is effective against mumps, chicken pox and cold sores. It is used in aromatherapy thanks to its intense lemon scent, as well as being an ideal mosquito repellent for children.


4. Peppermint

Peppermint has been used since ancient times thanks to its medicinal properties. Having a couple of pots at home, using their leaves to make tea or applying them to the skin with a relaxing effect, is an effective way to ward off stress, as well as providing your home with an exquisite aroma.


5. Chamomile

Its benefits for your health make it a super plant, both to treat stomach problems, and to help calm your nerves. Several studies have shown that its short-term use can be effective in reducing anxiety and reducing stress.


6. Bamboo

All plants create oxygen from carbon dioxide, but none grow as fast as bamboo. Hence, having one of the indoor species such as lucky bamboo in your home ensures you keep the air clean and at the same time, better oxygenation that helps relaxation and helps to avoid episodes of stress that can trigger anxiety attacks.


7. Rosemary

This easy-to-grow, all-weather herb works on the nervous system and is effective in reducing symptoms of mild depression and stress, causing a feeling of relaxation when smelling it. It is also widely used in baths and therapies with oils from its leaves.


8. Valerian

This plant is used for its properties that help relax the nervous system and can function as a sedative, treat sleep disorders and anxiety. Accompanying the afternoon with a tea made with valerian leaves is a good way to reduce your stress levels and feel better.


9. Aloe vera

Aloe vera extract is known for its beneficial properties for the skin, but this species of succulent is also an oxygen purifying machine in any room, as well as absorbing carbon monoxide and improving indoor air quality.


10. Peace lilies

This plant that helps calm anxiety has the ability to absorb toxic gases in the air. It also provides a lot of calm with its white flowers and its wonderful aroma.


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