Men's accessories

Men's accessories

A good shoe not only enhances the figure, it also sets style and trends, making your looks special and trendy. You can also complete your outfits with other accessories.

In our online store we have belts and suspenders that will give a more chic touch to your favorite outfits.

Men's Smooth Patent Leather Belt

Smooth patent leather men's belt to match your shoes. Colors: Burgundy Patent, Black Patent, Navy Patent, Silver Patent. € 22.95


Florentic Leather Knight Belt

Florentic Leather Knight Belt, with silver buckle. Colors: Black, Leather and Bordeaux. Width: 3.5 cm. € 20.33cinturon-caballero-piel-florentic-

Chopped Patent Leather Men's Belt

Chopped patent leather men's belt with a thousand points to match with different colors, ivory patent leather, black patent leather, silver patent leather, navy patent leather. € 23.95


Split Leather Belt

Men's split leather belt, stitched red so you can have your strap to match the shoes in different colors. Colors: Navy-Red - Taupe. Width: 3.3 cm. € 19.95


Men's Suspenders

Men's suspenders made in Spain. Colors: Mustard, Black and Orange. € 26.01


Visit our Online store and you will see the wide collection of models that we have, from the most elegant footwear, to the modern and current shoes and accessories. Orders, doubts and / or inquiries to the phone 608654481

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