The urban women's shoes that are a trend this spring summer 2021

The urban women's shoes that are a trend this spring summer 2021

Urban sneakers are the latest trend in casual shoes for women, since they are sweeping by their casual and current style. With the wide variety of models and designs they can be perfectly combined with any garment, whether casual or sport. They are super comfortable, flexible and light, ideal for your day to day.

Urban Shoes Woman 2021

Urban shoes made of leather with removable textile insole, soft and non-slip sole, have a 3.5 cm wedge. Colors: White and Beige. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Life. € 57.60

Original Women's Trainers

Original leather women's sports shoes with padded leather insole, elastic laces, soft and non-slip sole with a 4 cm wedge. Colors: Navy and Mustard. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Life. € 57.60


Woman Leather Urban Sneakers

Very comfortable, youthful and up-to-date urban sneakers with the outer leather upper material, padded textile insole, with white laces. Colors: white, pink and taupe. Sizes: 35/41. Casual brand. € 49.60


Women's Special Wide Trainers

Urban leather sneakers with special width and padded insole, with a very comfortable 3.5 cm wedge, with the outer leather material cut. Color Black and Brown. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Exodus. € 59.75


Shoes Woman Casual Leopard

Very comfortable urban shoes with a lot of glamor and style, padded textile insole, leather and synthetic outer material, with lace-up closure. Sizes: 35/41. Tekila brand. € 55.60


Women's Wedge Leather Trainers

Women's sports special width, with padded insole, 5 cm wedge, outer leather cut, padded textile insole. Red, taupe and blue colorway. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Exodus. € 59.75


Minimalist Women's Sneakers

The latest trend in women's casual leather sports shoes are these minilamista sneaker, outer material of nappa and split leather, padded leather insole, soft and non-slip sole. Colors: White. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Life. € 52.95


These and many more models of urban shoes for women can be found in our online store. If you have any questions, ask our customer service colleagues, call us at 608654481 or send us a whatsapp.

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