Geothermal Therapy: Hot Stone Massage

Geothermal Therapy: Hot Stone Massage

It is an ancient technique, practiced simultaneously and independently in different cultures such as the Hindu and the Celtic.

Geothermal therapy or hot stone massage is a working method whose purpose is to achieve a balance between the body's energy and the energies that nature offers.

The massage is done using hot and cold stones capable of harmonizing the nervous system and the sense of touch.

The stones act as enigmatic keys that will open the innermost doors of the spirit so that the essential energy of the universe can penetrate through them and help promote physical, mental and emotional balance.


Stones are used in two ways:

  1. Static, exerting therapeutic pressure at specific points.
  2. Dynamic, performing well-defined massage maneuvers.

Its benefits affect three levels:

1.- At the muscular level: it works not only the muscles, but also tendons, ligaments and by the reflex different organs of the whole body. The vascular exercise produced by thermotherapy favors oxygenation, nutrition and drainage of the muscles, providing vigor and relief.

2.- At the level of the nervous system: with the neuromuscular work at the peripheral level, we are able to participate in the central nervous system, producing a sensation of general relaxation. The heat favors the release of endorphins, responsible for our somatic sensation of pleasure. The cold, in turn, favors the release of histamine, responsible for the analgesic and anti-inflammatory processes with which the body responds.

3.- At the metabolic level: by the indirect action of circulatory activation and mechanical action on the reflex points, which operates a systemic stimulation.

The stones are of the basaltic type with special characteristics in terms of hardness and surface smoothness.

The hot stones increase blood circulation and cell metabolism in the treated areas, while providing muscle relaxation effects, soothe pain and chronic inflammatory processes.

Cold stones cause vasoconstriction and release of histamine and a substance that acts on pain and acute inflammatory processes.

This combination in different body areas and with different application techniques allows the benefits of both techniques to be obtained simultaneously in the same person and in different body areas.

Stone massage or geothermal therapy is especially indicated for all those people with stress, nerves, insomnia, anxiety, muscle and joint pain and circulatory disorders.


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