4 Leather slaves for men that are in fashion this season

4 Leather slaves for men that are in fashion this season

In footwear we have a great variety of footwear for men, among them the slaves stand out to go cool during the summer season. These year after year are the ideal complement for men's summer outfits due to their versatility, comfort and freshness.

They are manufactured in Spain by major brands and made with the best materials on the market to provide your feet with the health and care they deserve so much.

Leather Slave Man Sandal

Slave man with leather outer cut, leather lining, very comfortable and versatile padded gel leather insole. Colors: brown, white and black. Sizes: 39/45. Iberico Confort brand. € 26.58


Cheap Slave Men Sandals

Slave designed with a shovel with color stitching, sewn ornaments and flag, its sole is made of gel, a very soft material that makes the foot cushion the impact with each step, its floor is made of rubber and with a height of 2 cm. Color: Leather. Sizes: 39/46. Duendy brand. € 33.10


Slave Sandals Man Gel

Slave with outer leather cut, leather lining, leather insole with padded gel, very original, elegant and very comfortable sandals, with the sole sewn to the cut. Navy and leather colors. Sizes: 39/45. Original brand. € 32.60


Slave Sandals Man Leather

Very versatile and comfortable Slave sandals, leather outer cut, leather inner lining, leather insole and polyurethane sole. Colors: Brown, White and Black. Sizes: 39/45. Berevere brand. € 25.27


Check our online store and you will see the number of models in men's footwear and accessories, and if you do not find what you are looking for, we will help you. Call us at 608654481 we will solve your doubts.

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