9 Benefits of showering with cold water

9 Benefits of showering with cold water

Showering with cold water is a good way to activate ourselves in the morning and start the day with energy. Not only in the summer season, but also in the cold months. Well, there are many people who have acquired this habit due to its great benefits for our body.

Cold water baths have been known since ancient times. Hippocrates, the first doctor to appear in the written media, already used them as a remedy to treat different ailments and diseases. Over the years, this type of activity has continued to be used with many fines. In fact, in some countries it is a tradition to finish a hot shower in winter with a cold one.



Clears and activates mind and body

The main effect is the fact that it activates and clears us. Thermal receptors and neurons located in the skin are activated to send an alert message to the rest of the system, generating a response from the body in the form of generalized activation in the face of cold. It is a natural reaction to the body's need to maintain homeostasis or internal balance at the temperature level.

Healthier emotional state

Cold showers release chemicals in the brain that improve mood, decrease anxiety and stress, and are a great remedy for treating mental illnesses such as depression. They also improve the ability to cope with and manage stress and increase the quality of sleep.

Skin improvement

Hot water opens your pores and cold water closes them, which improves the appearance of the dermis. This is applicable to hair, which with cold water also increases shine and prevents hair loss.

Muscle recovery

In the case of overload and muscle injuries, especially in athletes, getting into cold water is a good treatment as an acute anti-inflammatory. It causes a slight contraction and prevents inflammation.

Improves circulation

Cold water on the body has positive consequences at the cardiovascular level. With the onset of cold, the heart rate increases and the blood vessels contract, the blood circulates at a faster rate and therefore feeds the organs and muscles with oxygen, improving circulation.

It helps to sleep

When it comes to falling asleep, cold showers help us a lot since, just as it clears and tenses our body, during the day it allows us to relax it to get to bed with an adequate energy level to sleep peacefully.

Keeps hair healthy

Cold water is very beneficial for the hair as it prevents dryness. High temperatures often detract from hydration. However, this type of practice with water at cooler temperatures is ideal for preventing dandruff and hair loss.

Improves libido

The cold stimulates the secretion of testosterone, so it has a long-term effect on libido and sexual response. Improves fertility, producing more amount of sperm.

Promotes better diuresis and kidney and lymphatic function

The kidneys and the lymphatic system also see their functioning improved in the cold, allowing a better expulsion of toxic elements and waste from our body.

It is not advisable to put under the tap with ice water, but to start with warm water and gradually lower the temperature. In this way, your body will gradually get used to it and you will not have a bad time. Since a sudden change in your body temperature is not good.

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