5 Heeled sandals trend summer 2021

5 Heeled sandals trend summer 2021

Heeled sandals are reinvented every year with new designs and styles. The sandals that we show you below, in addition to being elegant and up-to-date in terms of trends, have a built-in gel and leather insole, which makes them more comfortable without taking away the glamor and style of your favorite outfits, and makes the legs more stylized.

Women's Heeled Sandals

Women's high-heeled and platform sandals, with gel sole and total comfort leather, with ornaments on the upper engraved with very original drawings, it is attached to the ankle with a strip of calfskin leather. Bronce color. Sizes: 35/41. Mark I say I say. € 37.90


Comfortable Platform And Heel Sandals

Dress sandals with platform and heel, with a 9 cm high heel, gel and leather insole, fastening system with buckle. Colors: Black and leather. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Amelie Essence. € 49.50


Women's Elegant Heel Sandals

Elegant and comfortable sandals in nappa leather with buckle and ornaments on the upper, leather and gel insole, with a 6 cm heel. Colors: Black and Leather. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Bda.


Women's Comfortable Leather Sandals

Sandals made of nappa leather with buckle and ornaments, leather and gel insole, with a wide heel has a simple, elegant and very comfortable style. Colors: Mustard, Leather and Khaki. Sizes: 35/41. Brand Bda. € 36.45


Woman Comfort Heel Sandal

Platform sandal that imitates wood, these sandals have no weight, these sandals have split leather straps with metallic stud embellishments, they also have a strap on the heel and foot in cowhide leather with a buckle closure. Colors: Mustard, Leather and Black. Sizes: 35/41. Brand BDA. € 38.20


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