6 Home Remedies to Eliminate Lice

6 Home Remedies to Eliminate Lice

With the arrival of the school year, the appearance of lice, very annoying little bugs, increases and our children are more exposed when it comes to contracting them.

Itching, irritation and skin infections, caused by scratching, are some of the most characteristic symptoms.

These tiny parasites adhere to the hair and feed on our blood, causing a very intense itch.

Most of these infections are asymptomatic and it is recommended to take preventive measures to avoid their contagion, so, to eliminate them completely, it is necessary to start an anti-lice treatment immediately and avoid being near other people to prevent its spread. .

The most common treatment is to use anti-lice shampoos and other pharmacological products, both to prevent and to treat them.

But there are also remedies that can help you solve this annoying problem.

White or apple cider vinegar

It is one of the most classic remedies that has been used for generations, and it is especially useful for removing nits. To do this, impregnate the entire head with vinegar, ensuring well the areas of the neck and behind the ears. Put a shower cap to cover your head and let it work for three hours. Afterwards, wash the hair normally and, while it is wet, pass a scrubber to remove any remains. The same process will be repeated, about twice a week, until the itching disappears completely.


Eucalyptus and lemon

Another very effective natural remedy is to apply a lotion made from eucalyptus and lemon. To make it you have to boil it in a liter of water with a little rosemary and three or four eucalyptus leaves. Once the water begins to boil, all the juice of one lemon will be added. The lotion should be applied for half an hour and during this time it is necessary to brush the affected areas with a special comb. Once applied, the hair will be lightened and this same process will be repeated a couple of times a week until they disappear completely.


Baking soda

One of the most effective remedies against lice and specifically against nits, is sodium bicarbonate that will serve as a solution to loosen the nits and help your child to stop scratching his head. Dissolve baking soda in hot water in which you will need to dip the lice comb before gently brushing the child's hair. Repeat the operation several times if necessary.



This plant is known in popular culture as "louse herb", considered by many to be the most effective natural remedy to combat lice. This treatment is prepared from the crushed seeds of the plant and although it is not easy to find, it is very common to find it in natural medicine stores or in herbalists. To achieve good results, ten drops should be applied every night on the hair and scalp, so that it exerts its effect directly on the annoying invaders on our head.



This aromatic plant is well known as an insect repellent and also works against lice. To apply it, you have to make a mixture with 350 ml of alcohol and the same water, with 150 of liquid glycerin and another 150 of citronella oil. It should be left to rest for a few hours and then applied daily to the hair. There are also those who add about 12 drops of citronella essential oil in 25 ml of water and use it as a cologne.


Olive oil and tea tree oil

This treatment has antiparasitic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can support the control of infection caused by lice and nits. Its direct use slides the insects to facilitate their elimination and, in turn, regulates the pH of the capillary skin to control itching. To do this, combine olive oil (96 g) and tea tree oil (5 g) and put it to heat. Once it is hot, check that the temperature of the product is suitable and rub it with gentle massages all over the scalp and hair. Cover the head with a hat and let it act for 45 minutes. After this time, remove the nits with a fine comb and rinse. Use it at least 3 times a week.


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