New mens dress shoes

New mens dress shoes

Investing in good quality shoes makes our style and personal stamp even more present. For this reason, men are increasingly choosing footwear made of leather and made in Spain. Shoes that, year after year, are reinvented with new models, improving the style of each design.

In footwear we bring you the best in terms of men's shoes to wear made by the best brands in the market.

Men's Dress Shoes Laces

Dress shoes with laces and made of leather, leather inner lining, leather insole, with a very comfortable rubber sole and prevents slipping. Colors: Black. Sizes: 39 to 45. Nikkoe brand. € 55.15


Men's Dress Shoes

Men's leather shoes with laces, leather inner lining, leather insole, with a very comfortable two-tone rubber sole. Colors: Brown, black and leather. Sizes: 39 to 45. Carlo Garelli brand. € 63.85


Leather Sole Castellanos Shoes

Castellanos Caballero Florentic leather shoes, with a leather inner lining, a leather sole, an eye mask ornament, a classic that does not go out of style, they are handcrafted, elegant and do not give a distinctive look. Colors: Black, Leather and Bordeaux. Sizes: 39/46. Mark I say I say. € 56.95

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Florentic Buckles Men Shoes

Florentic leather buckled men's shoes, with a leather inner lining, padded leather sole, with a non-slip and comfortable rubber sole. Matching belt available. Color: Black and brown. Sizes: 39/45. Sachini brand. € 69.95


Men's Suede Leather Shoes

Man split leather shoes with orange and rubber colored two-tone rubber sole, the fastening of this footwear is with laces, the high back part of the heel has a smooth leather trim and engraved lines in leather color. Color: Navy and leather. Sizes: 39/46. Brand Dj Santa. € 51.95


Men's Dress Shoes

Dress shoes, very soft nappa leather outer material, leather inner lining, padded leather insole, with a 2 cm heel, very comfortable, elegant and modern. Color Black. Sizes: 39/46. Brand Dj Santa. € 49.75


Visit our online shoe store and you will see the wide collection of footwear that we have, from the most elegant footwear, to the most modern and current shoe. Or call us at 608654481 and we will advise you.

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