7 Salons shoes to dress elegant this Christmas

7 Salons shoes to dress elegant this Christmas

We have Christmas on top and with it multiple events and commitments to attend.

If you want to look elegant and current on these dates, do not hesitate to consult our online store, the different models that we have.

With high, low and medium heels.

You choose your style !! And you give them the comfort that your feet deserve.

Woman Patent Leather Pumps

Very elegant women's salons type salons with a leather and gel insole, with a 8.5 cm high heel, the interior is lined in leather and breathable fabric, the outer cut is patent leather. Colors: red patent leather and black patent leather. Sizes: 35/41. Desireé Comfort brand. € 49.95


Woman Ceremony Shoe

Woman ceremony dress shoes, an elegant stiletto lounge shoe with a 9 cm thin heel. Color: Black, Bordeaux. Sizes: 35/41. Marlene Prieto brand. € 45.12


Chamby Comfortable Women's Salons

Very comfortable women's salons with a leather and gel insole, with an 8 cm medium heel, current and better balanced. Colors: Nude Pink, Silver and Platinum. Chamby Confort brand. € 45.90 


Salons Woman Party Beige

Women's lounge with 5.5 cm low heel. lined and with a very elegant gold trim, with a leather insole. Color: Light beige. Sizes: 35/41. Chamby Confort brand. € 48.75


Woman Metallic Leather Heel Shoes

Punta Fina metallic leather shoes, a very elegant model with an 8.5 cm heel, very comfortable gel and leather insole. Colors: Platinum and Silver. Sizes: 35/41. Chamby Confort brand. € 43.00


Comfortable Lounges Removable Insole

Comfortable salons made of leather with a removable, padded and very comfortable insole, with a 5.5 cm heel, Colors: Black, Blue and Beige. Sizes: 35/41. Tupie brand. € 45.90


Chamby Comfortable Lounges

Some very comfortable salons as they incorporate a leather and gel insole, with a 9 cm medium heel, with a new, more modern and better balanced heel. Colors: Beige, Nude Pink, Black and Red. Chamby Confort brand. € 45.90


In Calzadoszapatos.com we are specialists in women's footwear, tell us your needs and we will help you choose the best leather footwear that suits your feet.

Our contact telephone number 608654481, call us or send us a whatsapp and we will advise you to choose the court shoe you need.

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