5 Sporty kids skin to start the school year on the right foot

5 Sporty kids skin to start the school year on the right foot

After the Christmas break, the school starts soon. If you want the smallest of the house to wear quality shoes that protect their feet on such long days of class, sports models made in Spain are ideal for their well-being.

Youth Sports

Youth sporty in leather, with reinforced toe cap and Velcro, comfortable and light. Color: Black. Sizes: 30/38. J'Hayber brand. € 29.00


Joma School Shoes

Children's Youth Sports with velcro, combined in leather and microfiber, leather insole, with reinforced toe cap. White color. Sizes: 22/38. Joma brand. € 29.80


Yumas School Sports Shoes

Sporty casual fashion with velcro and reinforced toe cap. Sizes: 31/39. Color: Navy. Yumas brand. € 32.50


Sports Youth Collegiate

Junior Sports Schoolboy with velcro, leather insole with reinforced toe cap. Color: Navy and White. Sizes: 21/40. Angelitos brand. € 42.00


Casual School Sports

Casual fashion schoolboy sporty with laces, leather outer cut. Color: Black and Navy. Size: 30/38. J'hayber brand. € 31.25


If you are looking for absolute comfort for your children, these are your sports shoes since they are ideal to wear for many hours and that the feet do not notice any fatigue. They are made with the best materials and made in Spain.

If you have any questions, ask our customer service colleagues, call us at 608654481 and we will be happy to help you find the footwear you need.

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