8 Drinks to recover from the excesses after a party

8 Drinks to recover from the excesses after a party

You went out partying yesterday and had a great time drinking with your family and friends, but this morning when you got up…. The feeling is completely different. Everything spins, you feel nauseous, etc...

Many times the excesses of the night before take their toll on us the next morning: impossible mixtures, exorbitant amounts, empty stomach... it has happened to most of us at some point.

To try to alleviate this discomfort, we propose these drinks to recover "the morning after".


We will never get tired of saying it or listening to it, alcohol dehydrates and for this reason the consequences on your body are several. If all you want is for the headache to pass, drink water, stay hydrated. Water is the vital liquid that the body needs to function properly. Therefore, consuming it is highly recommended.


Isotonic drinks

Surely you will have resorted to them when you have had a stomach ache or have gone through a flu process. Isotonic drinks give you a shot of minerals for your body. They are a good complement to water.


It may seem strange and it may be the last drink you think of to alleviate the effects of excesses, but in reality milk creates a filter that calms the stomach; avoid it of course if you are lactose intolerant, you can substitute it with lactose-free milk. Milk is also an excellent moisturizer for your cells as it is made up of 90% water.

Carrot and ginger juice

After yesterday's big party, it's not enough to hydrate, you have to recover the energy spent to face a new day. For this, the carrot is loaded with vitamin A and together with the ginger they will act in your body as anti-inflammatory and antiemetic.

Coconut water

Coconut water contains potassium, fiber and a significant amount of minerals as well as being extremely hydrating. Therefore, consuming this type of water can help us feel better and recover faster from a hangover.

Tomato juice

In general, after a night of drinking, you wake up with very low blood sugar levels, so fruit juice is a way to raise them and feel better.



Fruits, but not all

Citrus fruits are not highly recommended when fighting a hangover, as they can irritate the stomach, which is best avoided, because there is already too much physical discomfort to add to it. The ideal fruits are bananas and dates, as both have a good amount of potassium, an essential mineral in the rehydration process.

Vegetables soup

Making ourselves a vegetable broth to eat on a hangover day is a good idea. Some vegetables such as leek, celery or artichoke are diuretic, so they will help us eliminate the toxins left behind by alcohol. In addition, its high water content will help us to continue hydrating our body and as it is a light meal, there are more chances that we will be able to keep it in the body.

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