The 4 best women's sandals with medium heels for this summer 2022

The 4 best women's sandals with medium heels for this summer 2022

These sandals models are very original due to their design and comfort, they make their heel slimmer the leg, and they are versatile sandals, since you can wear them for a more casual look or a more dressy style. They are comfortable sandals due to their gel and leather sole, which make the foot better cushion the tread.

Sandals Women Comfortable Heel

Very comfortable clog-type women's sandals in nappa leather with a very elegant cut style on the shovel, the insole is made of ultra-comfortable leather and gel, very elegant 5.5 cm high-heeled sandals. Colors: Leather, Black and Gold. Sizes: 35/41. Bda brand. €37.65


Elegant Heeled Women's Sandals

Nappa leather women's sandals with a buckle and very elegant ornaments on the upper, leather inner cut and the insole is made of leather and gel, they are really comfortable sandals, with a wide heel. Colors: Black and Beige. Sizes: 35/41. Bda brand. €42.30


Transparent Women's Sandals

Transparent sandals with wide heels, the plant is made of leather and gel provide elegance and comfort, leather outer cut and transparent synthetic upper. Colors: White, Leather and Beige. Sizes: 35/41. Bda brand. €41.40


Comfort Gel Plant Sandals

Platform and heeled sandals, these sandals are very special due to their design, they are made with front leather straps with leather-stitched adornment, they go with a leather collar attached to the ankle and fixed by means of a buckle, Some platform sandals that are high-heeled medium very comfortable, since they have the sole in leather and gel, it is a very soft material and provides rest for our feet. Colors: Leather and White. Sizes: 35/41. Say Say brand. €39.50


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