3 Super comfortable men's leather sandals

3 Super comfortable men's leather sandals

With these men's leather sandals you make sure you stay cool on the hottest days of summer and avoid excessive sweating. They are very versatile models that combine very well with Jeans, Bermuda shorts, Pants, etc.

You choose the look!!

Men Leather Sandals

Men's sandals with velcro closure system, outer leather cut with openings for the foot to breathe, inner leather lining, removable padded textile insole, very elegant and versatile sandals. Colors: Navy and leather. Sizes: 39/46. DJ Santa brand. €55.00


Beige Comfortable Men's Sandals

This model is made of leather with an inner leather lining, the outer cut is made of leather with openings so that the foot breathes perfectly, avoiding bad odors and excessive sweating. The insole is made of very padded leather, the sole is made of polyurethane, it weighs nothing and is sewn to the outer cut of leather, with this you ensure maximum comfort and durability. Sizes: 40/45. Cacti brand. €54.85


Men's Leather Urban Sandals

Very light and versatile men's sandals, they are very comfortable and weigh nothing with a non-slip polyurethane sole, leather outer material, padded leather insole, velcro closure system. Brown color. Sizes: 38 /48. Fleximax Sport brand. €56.00


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