4 Benefits of sleeping without a pillow

4 Benefits of sleeping without a pillow

Sleep is the ideal time to repair the damage caused by stress, ultraviolet lights, and any other exposure that causes damage to the body. During the sleep stage, cells in the body produce proteins that are necessary to revitalize the organs, so it is important to try to have a good quality of sleep.

The pillow is an element rooted in our "sleep culture" and for a long time we have considered it essential to promote rest. However, there are studies that confirm that sleeping without a pillow can have good health benefits, although it is not recommended for all people, it all depends on the individual, their state of health and their comfort.



Rejuvenates the body

The main function of sleep is to recharge the body's batteries, so its quality greatly affects our level of energy and attention during the day. It has been shown that sleeping without pillows gives us a better quality of sleep that translates into a feeling of well-being the next morning, which, in the long run, will make us look younger.

Avoid back pain

Sleeping without pillows is the best medicine to prevent and treat back pain. Doctors recommend sleeping on your back to allow your spine to fully rest, following the natural curve of your body.

Align the bones

Sleeping without a pillow is believed to help stretch and normalize the bone structure of the human body. In fact, it has been proven to improve back problems such as hunchbacks.

Prevents neck pain

Using a pillow to sleep is the main cause of neck and back pain, as most people adopt an inappropriate position that can eventually cause damage to the nerves in the body and end up having poor sleep.

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