The urban shoes for men that are sweeping this season

The urban shoes for men that are sweeping this season

A good urban shoe is ideal for walking comfortably and safely, for spending many hours on your feet and protecting them from long hours. Every year they reinvent themselves with new styles and colors, adding a chic touch to your daily outfits.

Men's Casual Leather Shoes

Men's casual leather shoes with the outer cut is leather, the inner lining is made of natural leather and textile, the insole is padded leather, synthetic sole. Mustard color. DJ Santa brand. €60.00


Urban Casual Leather Shoes

Urban casual sport shoes, leather outer cut, the inner lining is made of textile, the insole is padded antiperspirant textile, sole is synthetic rubber that grips slightly damp floors perfectly. Sizes: 39/46. Colors: Brown and Navy. DJ Santa brand. €60.35


Urban Men's Leather Shoes

Men's casual sport urban shoes with leather outer cut, leather inner lining, padded imitation leather insole, synthetic rubber sole. Colour: Black. Sizes: 39/46. DJ Santa brand. €58.95


Urban Men's Leather Trainers

A very comfortable shoe with laces, reinforced heel, outer leather cut with star decorations on the sides and another leather color, leather and textile inner lining, padded leather insole. Sizes: 39/46. Colors: Leather and Navy. Route 83 brand. €63.90


In our online store you will find a wide variety of models of urban shoes that will adapt to your daily needs, whether it is to move around urban areas, to spend many hours on your feet or for work. If you need help, we will be happy to advise you, contact us via WhatsApp or call us at 608654481.

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