5 Champagne cocktails to toast this Christmas

5 Champagne cocktails to toast this Christmas

The Christmas dates are approaching, company lunches and dinners are also a good occasion to celebrate and toast in the company of your co-workers and/or family members.

But you would like it to be something more special and go beyond a glass of cider or wine. Champagne is the ideal drink for these occasions.

Unique flavor combinations and beautiful nuances take the Champagne tradition to a whole new level, and will ensure that everyone enjoys these moments together to the fullest.

In addition, they are easy and quick to prepare.


Champagne cocktail with pineapple and coconut


- Natural coconut juice

- Champagne

- Natural pineapple juice

- Syrup (same amount of water with sugar)

- Grated coconut

The first thing you should do is prepare the simple syrup, to do this, mix a small amount of water with the same amount of sugar. After preparing the syrup, dip the champagne flute glass in the syrup and finally add the grated coconut. Finally, let it dry and add 45 ml of the different juices in the glass and fill the champagne.

Strawberry and lime

It is a very simple cocktail to prepare. But by combining the sweet and sour taste of strawberry with the sparkling champagne, it is possible to enhance its taste. The elaboration can be done in a flute glass that is very cold, to make it more refreshing.


- fresh strawberries

- 125 ml of champagne

- ½ tablespoon lime juice

- 3 tablespoons strawberry puree (fresh)

- Mint leaves

- grated lime

Hours before preparing the cocktail, you have to combine the lime juice with the strawberry puree and put it in the fridge. When making it, this mixture is added to the bottom of the glass, then the champagne is poured to the top. Finally, it is decorated with mint, fresh strawberries and grated lime.


This cocktail is characterized by being soft, fresh and very pleasant to the palate, ideal to accompany any time of the day when you want to refresh yourself. It was created in 1925 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, and became very popular for being a low-alcohol drink.


- Cold orange juice

- Very cold champagne

- 1 slice of orange

Pour the chilled orange juice into a flute glass halfway up. Stir in the chilled champagne to fill the glass. And finally, decorate with the orange slice.



Black Velvet

Black Velvet was invented in 1861 in London one day after the death of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert. It is an elegant and tasty cocktail made in equal parts with beer and champagne. The Black Velvet stands out for its intense black color, the relevant thing about this recipe is that the differences in proportions of the two ingredients make it look two colors when preparing it.


- Very cold champagne

- Guinness beer

In a fluted glass, pour the very cold beer, leaving the glass halfway. The rest is filled with champagne. For its presentation, a foam finger must remain.

Blue Curacao

Its color is very striking, almost irresistible, as is its flavor, which is why it is one of many people's favorite cocktails.


- 1 tablespoon of blue Curaçao

- 30 ml of cold pineapple juice

- Sugar


First, decorate the rim of the glass with the sugar and wait a few minutes until it dries. Then add the blue Curaçao along with the pineapple juice and finish filling the glass with the champagne. It is very important that the drink is served very cold to taste it better.

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