Warm slippers for men at home winter 2022

Warm slippers for men at home winter 2022

One of the best gifts that you can give to dad or your partner this Christmas are these house slippers. They are very original, comfortable and warm, ideal for walking around the house and keeping your feet warm during the cold. They are made in Spain with the best materials on the market.

Men's House Slippers

Men's house slippers with custom harley motor drawings on the instep, slippers designed especially for parquet, very original, comfortable and soft. Colour: black. Sizes: 39/48. Tupie brand. €27.95


Vintage Men's House Slippers

Men's House slippers, vintage Pac-Man design, eats coconuts, very comfortable with decorations from the famous PAC MAN video game, very fun and original house slippers, comfortable and soft, removable padded textile insole. Colour: black. Sizes: 36/48. Tupie brand. €27.95


Original Men's House Slippers

Original men's house slippers, with flag decoration on the white, red and navy instep, very original, comfortable and soft, textile outer cut. Sizes: 39/46. Tupie brand. €25.95


Men's House Slippers

Shoes with champion ship tennis, very original house shoes, comfortable and soft, textile outer cut, removable padded insole. Gray. Sizes: 40/46. Tupie brand. €25.95


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