Tips to combat spring asthenia

Tips to combat spring asthenia

Spring asthenia is a constant state of tiredness and fatigue caused by the change of season and the increase in temperatures that does not improve with rest. Along with fatigue, asthenia may also be accompanied by a state of melancholy or, in some cases, mild depression. It is characterized by a general weakness of the body, lack of desire to do normal tasks and may be accompanied by a slight feeling of dizziness.

It is a condition that is often confused with depression and its symptoms are:

  • Loss of interest in daily activities.
  • Unwarranted sadness
  • Irritability and anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Apathy
  • Agotamiento
  • Muscle pains
  • Sensation of weakness almost continuous
  • Sense of dizziness or fainting
  • Sleep disorders
  • Lack of concentration


Respect sleep patterns:

Establish a rest routine and go to bed every day at the same time. Resting well is essential to recharge and operate at full capacity, both physically and intellectually. Each person needs a number of different hours of sleep according to their age, activity ... the most advisable is between 7-8 hours.

Take care of the food:

It is important that you provide your body with the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning. Base your diet on seasonal fruits and vegetables, consuming a portion of them raw, in salads, or in shakes, without forgetting whole grains and legumes that are rich in Tryptophan, Magnesium and B vitamins, with properties antidepressants and antifatiga.


Get hydrated well:

Drink between 1 and 2 liters of water daily and avoid sugary sodas and stimulants. Help yourself to infusions that promote kidney and intestinal function, eliminate toxins.

Do some moderate intensity physical activity:

Exercise three or four times a week, this way you will overcome that feeling of tiredness and it will help you maintain muscle tone and control stress. Run, walk, bike, even swim or yoga because physical exercise is a natural antidepressant, since it activates the production of serotonin.

Spend more time outdoors:

Now that the days lengthen and there are more hours of light, take the opportunity to enjoy the rays of the sun, stroll along the beach or sit on a terrace to enjoy a coffee, either alone. Escape to the countryside and enjoy nature, contact her and relax.


Have fun:

Do activities that you like and that you find fun is the best remedy to combat this disorder. Go for a walk, stroll along the beach, go to the theater or the cinema and enjoy a good movie, read, listen to music, surround yourself with friends and go for a coffee or a few beers, travel ... Do not limit yourself and enjoy!

Do not forget that spring asthenia is not a disease and that your attitude will help you to deal with it. Take it with calm and good humor and, above all, be positive.

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